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Structural Home Inspection

Structural Engineer Home Inspection

While most people tend to focus on construction elements such as hardwood floors, lighting fixtures, and tile, the most important elements of a home have nothing to do with these things. After all, does hardwood flooring solve the basic human needs of having a roof over your head? Will the type of tile influence whether or not your home can keep our rodents? Will a lighting fixture influence whether or not your home is warm during the winter and cold during the summer? The answer to all of these questions is no. Most importantly, none of these things exist if the home’s basic structure is not in place or in jeopardy. This is why no matter the cost, structural engineering home inspection is imperative, and should always be on your checklist

Over the course of the average American’s life, their largest financial investment is more often than not their home. The average person affords this home through hard work, to the tune of the average person spending over 90,000 hours, or 1/3 of their adult life working. Given that we spend another 1/3 of our adult lives sleeping, we truly spend half of our meaningful time on earth working. If most of this time and effort is going to go towards our home, we better be sure it is not for nothing. While home insurance can be a helpful safety net to some extent, the reality is any structural issues to a home will cost a family tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. This is without mentioning the inconvenience and cost associated with either having to move out temporarily in the event of a structural disrepair element or have to completely start over and rebuild in the event of a worst-case scenario.

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So how do we avoid these major issues? The answer is calling qualified professionals like our team at Florida Engineering Solutions. We offer inspections done by our professional inspector for a variety of needs, including existing ownership check-ins, incoming ownership due diligence, troubleshooting potential problem cases, and in the event of a developing structural issue, we are there to address the situation right away within any residential establishment. We suggest to anyone and everyone to make a structural inspection part of their purchasing process. Prior to closing, a qualified professional should perform an analysis. Many homes portray the appearance of a structurally sound home, particularly on the exterior. For many, this is not the case – in some instances, even for new construction. In the past few years, the market has been strong, and construction has been far and wide. With qualified contractors limited, many unqualified professional general and subcontractors have found plenty of work constructing poorly assembled homes without the end consumer realizing this. Oftentimes homeowners purchase properties with severe underlying problems that are not detectable to the untrained eye.

Our process is thorough yet simple. We perform a visual analysis of the property’s key components, including beams, joists, and the spacing between these elements, to determine if these pieces are of load-bearing capacity. In addition, we will look for problems such as foundation settling, structural elements tied to property additions, and other key indicators. These findings will be categorized and summarized in an inspection report for all of our customers. Ideally, the property passes inspections with no issues, however, we do not live in an ideal world. If we do uncover issues, we will not simply tell you there is a problem, yet provide you no solution. Our team will create an actionable repair plan for our customer’s review, which will allow them to work with their contracting team to assess and implement repair procedures for the damages. If you need assistance, we will continue to provide a service to assist in the repairs’ communications and management. Roofs, foundation, floors, walls, columns, and more will be examined. You will know what you are walking into with no surprises.

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