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Concrete Foundation Design

What is Concrete Foundation Design?

A foundation is the structural element of a building. It transfers loads from the building or individual columns down to the earth. Foundations must be designed to prevent excessive settling or rotation of the structure, and this can only be accomplished by providing it with the strongest and most durable material available. Concrete is a perfect solution to foundations as the material provides strength and ease of maintenance in a way many other elements are unable to match. The proper foundation will safeguard a structure against sliding or overturning by utilizing footings to support it.

A concrete foundation is extremely water resistant. Some materials may become warped or infested with mold due to high humidity, but concrete will retain its original form and finish after it has been installed and even following years of use. Moreover, these types of foundations are resistant to fire. In the unfortunate event that flames destroy a structure, an intact foundation can be a great asset during a financially and emotionally trying time. Once the debris has been cleared, the foundation can be built upon once again, saving designers, builders, and owners from having to start from nothing and the costs that entails.

Concrete foundations also require very little maintenance. They are resistant to environmental deterioration, warping, and pests – all of which could easily compromise the foundation’s integrity and put the entire structure in jeopardy. Concrete provides an accessible, affordable, and easily crafted solution to each product’s needs and delivers it in a timely manner with guaranteed results.

Benefits of Concrete Foundation Design

There are many upsides to using concrete within a structure, and one of the biggest benefits of utilizing a concrete foundation is the ease of customization. Each foundation can be designed and molded to fit the building anchor’s unique needs and specifications. This means that there is no limit to the amount of input the designing party or structure owner has in the look and layout of his or her building.

The beauty of form is nice, but function that allows form is even better. If the structure will be a commercial unit or other large area structure, the foundation can be designed and laid to meet the exact criteria of the building. If a smaller project is underway, the concrete can be customized to fit perfectly with the building’s unique needs.

Another benefit of concrete foundations is the enhanced security. Footings are used in each foundation to anchor it into the ground and ensure the structure is as well guarded as possible. Concrete foundations also have sheer strength on their side, being that they are one of the most damage resistant, wear resistant, and large load bearing materials available. Part of this strength comes from the concrete’s ability to hold its original form in the face of natural occurrences and even disasters.

Water, fire, and insect infestation are all powerless against a concrete foundation. Areas that are afflicted with these issues often opt for the use of concrete in their structures as this guarantees their buildings a longer life and creates a more cost-effective and easily maintained piece of property.

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