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Florida Engineering in Mississippi

Mississippi is famous for many positive things: Ole Miss, Faulkner, Mississippi mud pie, and warm Gulf Coast hospitality. Unfortunately, it’s also infamous for its tornado season, humidity, heat, and mosquito-borne illnesses. If you live or are planning to live in Mississippi, don’t let these negative aspects chase you away. Florida Engineering Solutions offers great home inspections and other services that help make Mississippi an overwhelmingly great place to live.

Wind and Storm Damage

Mississippi averages about 30 tornadoes and 8 tornado-related deaths per year. In 2005, 44 tornadoes occurred in 36 hours. These statistics mean Mississippi residents will likely experience a tornado of some degree in their lifetimes. When you’re trying to clean up, you don’t want or need a drawn-out and expensive damage assessment. That’s why Florida Engineering Solutions promises you a quick but thorough assessment starting with superficial damage and working toward more detailed areas.

Our structural damage assessments include everything from foundations and walls to doors, windows, and furniture. No matter how extensive the tornado or other storm, we’re dedicated to helping you clean up the damage and dispose of waste safely. Our team uses special forensic techniques to apprise you of unseen hazards that compromise health, such as the buildup of mold and allergens or the presence of wood-destroying termites and other insects. We recommend calling in pest control as a precaution after receiving our damage report.

Fire Damage

Home and vehicle fires can be devastating, taking hours of time and potentially thousands of dollars to repair. The Florida Engineering Solutions team knows fire is no respecter of your state or economic situation. Our fire damage restoration involves a detailed home inspection as well as repair and safe disposal of melted or scorched objects. We will ensure there is no latent smoke in your home or vehicle that could lead to respiratory, visual, and other health concerns.

Safe Room Design

Part of protecting yourself during a tornado or other storm involves having a safe place to go. Florida Engineering Solutions designs safe rooms in various sizes. These can be small enough to fit a family of 3 or big enough to hold 200 employees from your company. Our safe rooms function not only as storm protection locations, but also as protection from break-ins. Your family members should never have to fear an intruder harming them or stealing their valuables, and at our company, we’ll do our best to prevent this. You can consult with us to design a customized safe room perfect for your family or business.

Personalized Home Design

The American economy is still sluggish in places. Mississippi’s unemployment rate stands at 7.0%. Still, this doesn’t mean your family can’t have a dream home. In fact, Florida Engineering Solutions wants all our clients to live in comfortable, customized homes. When you consult with us, we’ll help you craft a 3D professional design. Our designs include interior, exterior, and landscaping, all brought to you at reasonable rates. We can outfit your home with customized safety features on request, as well. If you already have a great home with some trouble spots, we can diagnose problems and reinforce the home’s foundation and walls for you.

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