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Florida Engineering Solutions in Tennessee

At Florida Engineering Solutions, our team of experienced engineers and designers provides structural engineering services across the southeastern states of the U.S. We offer services to residential and commercial customers who want to make their homes and businesses as safe and structurally sound as possible. Though our firm is based out of Florida, we are just as proactive with the homes in Tennessee and surrounding states. Our job is to make sure the inhabitants of your home or business are safe in everyday life and during disastrous events.


If you are interested in designing your dream home, we offer 3D rendering of design projects. We work with you to design every aspect of your home, including landscaping and exterior and interior floor plans. We bring it to life with 3D images. After a virtual walkthrough of your new home, design plans can easily be modified if you see something you want to change. Once you’re convinced your dream home is designed perfectly, we help turn your plans into a reality. 3D rendering is a cost effective way to get the most out of the design process. We make the best use of your lot size, design ideas, and budget to create a home that is well worth the investment.

Safety Features

Though strong tornadoes are not entirely common in Tennessee, they do happen, and it only takes one to destroy a home. We build safe rooms for residential and commercial customers alike. In the event of a tornado, people in your building need somewhere safe and reliable to seek protection. Our safe rooms are built to follow all FEMA regulations and can be constructed to suit small families as well as teams of employees of 200 or more. Homeowners who elect to build safe rooms inside or outside their homes not only have added protection from the elements, but also protection in the event of a break in. Safe rooms also add to the value of homes and businesses and can be retrofitted or built as a new construction.

Tennessee is rapidly expanding and seeing an influx in population. Because of this, noise pollution is becoming an increasingly bigger problem. Major highways, airports, and railroads all contribute to the rise in unacceptable noise. Over certain sound levels, noise pollution can cause detrimental effects on health, like high blood pressure, stress related illnesses, and in severe cases, hearing loss. Our design teams build noise mitigation solutions for both residential and commercial clients. With innovative solutions for inside and outside buildings, Florida Engineering Solutions makes sure your home or business is protected from annoying and harmful noise pollution. 

Ongoing Protection

In addition to adding safety features to homes and businesses, we also provide safety assessments. Our experts evaluate your property for its structural integrity, including foundation slab, building strength, and potential issues in the future. If we find potential trouble areas, we design a plan to reinforce the structure before it gets worse. In the event that damage has already occurred, we create custom repair plans to restore value and safety to your property.

Our teams provide cost-effective services with quick turnaround times and high-quality results. We make your safety and comfort our job. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer to our residential and commercial customers, contact us today. We would love to find out what we can do for you.

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