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Florida Engineering in Alabama 

The team at Florida Engineering Solutions proudly serves the population of Alabama. We know Alabama is a beautiful place to live, but it comes with its own set of dangers from natural disasters, such as weather, to man-made ones, like crime. Our professionals offer insurance coverage and quality services for almost any of the trials you and your home might experience. This includes safe room design, natural disaster recovery, fire damage repair, and more.

Basic Home Inspections

When possible, you should always let a trained engineer inspect your home. Most home inspectors are trained only to deal with what they see, which can leave your home vulnerable to unseen damage. This is especially true in Alabama, where homes may be vulnerable to tornadoes, high winds, flooding, and hail. Inspectors can clean up the visible results of these weather conditions, but might not notice the water seeping through cracks in your walls, attic, or basement. They may not catch signs of insect damage, such as softened wood or powdery substances on your windowsills, or unseen signs of mold on your walls or carpet.

With a home inspection from Florida Engineering Solutions, you can be apprised of all these potential problems. We use forensic techniques to locate and eradicate issues that could compromise health and physical safety, including mold, water damage, and the smoke that might linger after a fire.

Fire Damage Restorations

The U.S. Fire Administration indicates that 61% of men and 39% of women in the U.S. die in fires each year. The highest fire injury rate occurs among young adults, ages 30-34. Every year, at least 106 firefighters die on duty. This makes fire damage devastating for survivors, not only in terms of grief for people and pets, but for their homes. We can’t heal or resurrect your loved ones, but we can help repair your home. The team at Florida Engineering Solutions expertly cleans up the flooding firefighting effort often results in. We will perform a thorough home inspection, first checking for superficial damage to walls, foundations, and other locations. We will check your general structure and support and safely dispose of melted objects.

Wind and Storm Damage

Alabama is part of Tornado Alley, making it a target for severe weather, especially in spring and summer. Florida Engineering Solutions’ teams offer high-quality, detailed inspections before storms hit. We recommend preventative measures, such as installing and reinforcing shatterproof or impact-resistant glass, using dead bolts, and regularly performing self-inspections of foundations, walls, and doors. We also recommend frequent self and professional inspections for water damage, as this can lead to toxic mold buildup and will compromise your health. Our team helps you repair every level of storm and wind damage, and we will point you to some of our best insurance agencies.

Safe Room Design

Florida Engineering Solutions offers safe room designs for every state in the greater Southeast region. Alabama experiences more than 160,000 property crimes per year and over 20,000 violent crimes total. Many cities in Alabama are highly safe, such as Banks, Greenville, Fruitdale, and Five Points, but you don’t need to take risks, especially in an urban area. We offer hurricane and tornado shelters that can be used as or temporarily converted into safe or “panic” rooms. These include some of the strongest “safe doors” in the country. You can contact us for a personal consultation on safe room design.

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