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Precast Concrete Walls

What are Precast Concrete Walls?

precast-concrete-wallsPrecast concrete is a great addition to a construction project due to the special way it is formed. The concrete is poured into an existing mold in a controlled environment to ensure that the integrity of the material is not compromised. After it has been poured and is set, the concrete is taken to the construction site and lifted into place, making installation simple and reducing the need for labor and the costs associated with additional hands. When in place, the structure is cured on-site in an environment where variables are just as controlled, further preventing wear and damaging agents from entering the material during the process.

The highly controlled nature of this material’s forging makes it the perfect choice for projects that require extra strong walls. Thanks to the strength and temperature regulating abilities of precast concrete, structures such as office buildings, schools, parking garages, and other large structures all benefit immensely. The fortitude of the concrete prevents the internal and external temperatures in the building from commingling, greatly reducing costs for the owners and proprietors of large structures.

Precast concrete is also highly customizable. It can be cast in any shape, style, or color desired, making it ideal for projects that require special design or unique elements. The ability to generate multiple pieces with matching dimensions makes this type of concrete great for in-depth design projects. The same mold can be used to construct multiple pieces of varying colors and textures, adding an element of customization that is difficult to match when compared to other building materials.

Benefits of Precast Concrete Walls

Precast concrete has a number of benefits, including the addition of design flexibility, saving time during the construction process, and improving the overall profitability of the building. This is made possible because of the concrete structures being cast in advance and sitting ready to move at a moment’s notice. Moreover, the strength, versatility, and durability of the material shields the owner against potential damages and additional costs.

An outstanding benefit of this type of concrete is that it makes wall strength increase, rather than deteriorate, with time. Getting stronger with time isn’t something most of us could boast. Because the concrete was forged in extremely controlled environments, it is resistant to many of the blunders and potential flaws other materials may fall victim to. This particular concrete will not deteriorate or lose its strength over time, and it is very easy to maintain due to its constitution.

The strength of precast walls offers another important benefit: greatly increased protection. Precast walls may help protect against explosions, vehicles, fire, and water damage. Additionally, buildings in areas prone to severe natural weather will stand strong with this material as their foundation. The walls act as an added layer of safety assurance in areas that experience hurricanes, tornados, flooding, or forest fires.

Florida Engineering Solutions is a regional industry leader in this type of material and has many highly trained professionals able to use precast concrete to design structures beyond clients’ greatest expectations. For more information on this material or to ask about your own project, contact one of our knowledgeable experts.

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