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Commercial Building Design

What is Commercial Building Design?

Commercial building design can be fun and exciting. I mean, how many of us grew up building structures with Legos and other toys. There are few things as rewarding as watching your dream building turn into a reality. However, building a massive commercial design requires a lot more than a set of Legos. The right professionals need to be involved in order to create the most beautiful project possible within the set budget. Without the right team in place, this exciting process can quickly turn into a financial nightmare. Florida Engineering Solutions experience runs the gamut from full property design to contractor selection to insurance planning. Insurance planning helps to ensure what you build is safe and compliant with the right insurance plans to protect you in the event of a worst-case scenario.


We live in a world of specialization, and that specialization has spilled over into our industry. Architects have their license and educational foundation, as do engineers, contractors, and other construction professionals. As disparate as these disciplines might seem, they all need to work together to create the most effective result for the client. Architects design facades, layouts, and other critical elements; however, they often overlook the cost of these features and the logistical aspects of actually implementing them. Aesthetics need to be balanced with functionality.


We know these factors all too well. When designing a project for a client, we keep not only quality but cost in mind as well. Before undertaking any design project, we spend time with our clients to determine their exact needs and what they hope to see in the project’s final incarnation. We then set to work, creating structures that uphold our client’s vision and match their needs in every way. We know that if a project runs over the planned budget, the cost and process will instantly push the project underwater if the property is unable to charge the rents to make up the difference. If you are constructing a building for your own home or a business, this same principle holds. If a property’s construction goes over budget, it can create a massive financial burden on your household or your business that you may not be able to support.

Our professional team at Florida Engineering Solutions is ready and able to put their years of experience to work helping clients with the design of commercial buildings. We strive to create designs that will fit the exact needs of the owners, architects, or builders of every structure we make and work closely with the project’s decision-makers to ensure that their vision is realized through our designs and construction plans. We want all of your projects to come out Pinterest worthy. Commercial buildings require special attention, as they are often high-cost projects and necessarily executed under tight deadlines.


The Practicality of Architecture Designs

From a practical standpoint, designers must consider costs when creating a plan. They must go beyond designing a pretty picture and develop a realistic one as well. Designers must plan for the gas, water, sewer, hot water heaters, and other infrastructure elements to be placed in suitable locations where they can be easily maintained. They must avoid placing these items in areas convenient for them but inconvenient for those building the design or maintaining the finished product. This forethought also needs to extend in the other direction as well. Construction professionals must remember that aesthetics are critical to a successful project. Leaving nails sticking out of a wall or a job site not cleaned up is not the way to attract top tenants and encourage them to give you their rent money. If the property is to be your professional or personal home, you want it treated as such.

A meticulously planned project can still hit snags if executed poorly and takes too long to complete. Missed deadlines can cause a significant domino effect that could lead to ballooning costs. The longer a project takes, the higher the costs will be. After all, properties have ongoing taxes, insurance, and mortgage costs. If a project is delayed, the risk of tenants seeking alternative accommodations grows higher, further risking the project’s financial viability. For the future potential tenants of a commercial property, those tenants will not start to pay rent until their space is ready. The point is that the entire process is a balance of professionals. We allow our teams to work independently to leverage their strengths, but they do not work in silos. They understand the importance of communication and teamwork to bring the project in on time and on budget. Our focus on communication allows us to spot any potential issues before they manifest. This saves our customers time, money, and frustration.


We understand that each project is costly and often is a make or break for the stakeholders. We approach all of our client’s projects with this in mind, and we work quickly and efficiently to meet their goals. Each project will receive individual attention, and we treat it as if it is our own. Your vision will become our vision. We will walk you through the process in detail to understand what you are getting into, the expected timelines, and how we will achieve your goals. These custom solutions and strategies are the best in the market, and we hold ourselves to the highest standard. Our team has experience building various structures from apartments to office buildings to specialty commercial projects – we have the team and have the experience. This wide range of experiences allows us to bring unique ideas to different asset types, allowing our clients to stand out from their competition. 

Florida Roadblocks

A poorly built building will often experience foundational problems, often literally. Florida is one of the most challenging topographies in the world to build because, below the surface, the ground comprises soluble rock, composed mostly of limestone and dolomite. Florida is a Karst region, meaning it features springs, caves, sinkholes, and other unique hydrogeology elements. These characteristics create a higher risk for surface collapses, sinkholes, and other property destroying events. At first glance, it might seem like you are building on top of swiss cheese, and that is somewhat true. However, more than 20% of the United States lives above some level of Karst. These issues may be much more common in Florida, but they are not unique to this state, region, or country. Because of this, many studies have been performed to ensure property owners’ safety across the board. Foundation implementation, property design, and insurance policies have all been prepared for years to deal with these issues. The depth of data in these studies on how to effectively prepare a homeowner, keeping them physically safe and insured can be helpful, but only if they’re properly utilized. 


Despite the challenges that come with these land characteristics, there are proven solutions. At Florida Engineering Solutions, we know the hurdles that building in a Karst region brings because this is our home state. There are very few Florida-based topographical problems to which we have not already created solutions. Our solutions begin with understanding your starting point by appropriately analyzing the macro and microelements of your project. We will inform you where you lie in terms of regional land distress, history of property issues, and area statistics from a macro level. We will highlight the risks within your property’s metes and bounds (or borders) from a micro level. Included in this property assessment will be your direct and nearby neighbors. After all, your home may not fall into a sinkhole, but if your neighbors do, their problems and safety risks suddenly become yours as well. This analysis will allow you to understand how to appropriately build on your property. Should more fill be brought in to support the ground? Is the ground level? Are wetlands present? Should you even build at all? Do not put a shovel in the ground until you know these basics.


Understanding this analysis will allow you and/or your professionals to work together effectively. Your contractors will know how much additional support will be needed for your foundation, how much weight the ground can support, and other vital items that will determine how to set the right foundation for your property. The work does not stop there. Designing the construction of the vertical portions of your property, its materials, weights, finishes, layout, and the entirety of the puzzle pieces which make up the picture of your home will lean on the ground level construction and assessments to ensure the property is built safely and appropriately.


The problems and risks that come with building in Florida sometimes are out of the property owner’s control. When they do occur, you need to have the right insurance in place to help you, not hurt you. Today’s modern insurance agencies tend not to help you but instead painfully drag out a process that often ends in a less than helpful result. Our company is the opposite. Call us, let us show you how we will effectively provide you with the best start to finish approach to keep you safe and effectively insured in your new home.

Benefits of Commercial Building Design with Florida Engineering Solutions

One of the greatest benefits of working with Florida Engineering Solutions for your commercial structure design and planning needs is our ability to be adaptable. We give each project we undertake individual attention and work closely with our clients to give them the exact structure they are envisioning.

Our buildings are custom designed to fit the needs of whatever commercial entity will be housed in them, and owners can rest assured that the team who brought the Southeast some of its most notable structures is completing their project with the best technology and software around. Each client will be paired with one of our distinguished professionals to ensure that their needs are met in the most efficient and structurally sound way possible. This personal touch sets Florida Engineering Solutions apart from the competition, giving our clients an advocate they can rely on throughout their project.

We also provide our clients with the option of seeing 3D drawings of the building plans before construction begins. These images are a great asset to those looking to build, as they provide something tangible the client can look to before any unchangeable steps are taken. 3D images and renderings are also a cut above standard blueprints. They allow clients to actually “walk through” their structure while it is still in the design phase, ironing out potential changes they would like made with a real-world view in mind.

The professionals at Florida Engineering Solutions provide top to bottom design service undertaken with the client and end result in mind.

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