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Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims 

Have you ever had to file an insurance claim? For those of you who have had to, I can see you rolling your eyes and feel your frustration. We have been there ourselves. Most consumers have had to deal with extremely challenging claims processes, unnecessarily lengthy claims reviews, and companies who appear to be on your side when you sign your policy and make payment to them but who quickly turn into the enemy in your times of need. For those who have not dealt with insurance claims, I am sure you have been warned of how challenging these claims and their processes can be. Making a call for an insurance claim is never a happy call or a quick call in our industry. Insurance claims come into play when something goes wrong, usually when your personal or professional property gets damaged. Insurance is your life vest to keep you afloat during these challenging times. It is designed to help eliminate your stress in a time of hurt, and it certainly shouldn’t make matters even worse. 


Somewhere along the way, insurance providers forgot the foundational reason for their existence, but we have not. At Florida Engineering Solutions, our focus is on helping you.  You will find our team to be helpful, responsive, and resourceful in your times of need. Lengthy complicated processes and waiting for your insurance company nervously will become a thing of the past. You will find our customer service team to be attentive, thoughtful, and quickly accessible.

We treat each insurance claim as if it is our own. Claims are handled in a professional and responsive manner; additionally, they will be completed quickly. Our team is comprised of a variety of industry professionals with insurance expertise, assessment backgrounds, and structural engineers who all work together to diagnose and react to each situation promptly. This collection of professional resources allows us to truly understand the problem and articulate our solution options to you and all of those involved, easily and quickly. With Florida serving as our home base, we service the entire state and other nearby states in the Southeastern United States.


Although our expertise is far and wide, below is a list of a few types of notable incidents we have become a renowned resource for, among others:

Fire Damage

Few damage incidents are as destructive as fire, and none are as surprising. While other incidents such as a storm or hurricane often provide us ample time to prepare and warn our groups, fires do not. You cannot check an app to see when a fire is coming or listen to the news to be advised when to evacuate. Fires come quickly and have no mercy.


Fires often spark from faulty equipment or another unforeseen incident, sometimes when you truly did nothing wrong as an installer or an operator. Accidents happen, but when they do occur, they spread quickly and ferociously – often damaging your business and livelihood within minutes. We might not be able to move as quickly as a fire, but we will be just behind it with our prompt service team to make sure your issues are dealt with quickly and easily. Once the damage is contained, our team’s repair assessment and physical repair processes are second to none in terms of quality and quickness. With our team, you will be back on your feet before you know it, and your property will be restored as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Sink Holes

We love Florida, but like anything we love, it has its flaws. Nobody and nothing is perfect, even the beautiful state we call home. One of the largest flaws our state has is its presence in a Karst region land area. Karst materials landforms make up the topography of just about the state’s entirety; however, few know this as these landforms are subsurface and not apparent to the naked eye. While aesthetically, these features can create beautiful land features above and below ground, they are some of the most erosion–risk materials in the entire world. This type of material is known for its tendency to dissolve over time, creating enormous risks for sinkholes and other risky land elements that can collapse and gobble up your home, car, and life in the blink of an eye. It is possible to prevent these risks and protect against disaster; however, it takes the right team to assess each situation and accurately confirm the risk levels. Our team has extensive experience assessing the risks associated with purchasing personal property and homes in Karst regions. We can help give you peace of mind when making a sizeable land-related purchase because you should never have to worry about your investment being swallowed up by the earth. Having a proper assessment done will not only allow you to rest easy but also help your clients, tenants, and insurance companies feel even better about being involved in your project.


Storm / Wind Damage

Coastal areas in the Southeast United States are some of the most sought-after real estate locations in the country, featuring beautiful landscapes, stunning sunsets, sandy beaches, it’s no wonder this location is so highly coveted. People flock to these climates for vacations, retirements, and the paradise feeling of beautiful weather close to the beach at all times. Unfortunately, there is a trade-off that comes with this feeling of paradise. With these benefits come the adverse effects of natural weather events, most notably major storms. Warm beach water is a fun attraction for beachgoers for most of the year. However, this same warm water is also a magnet and a fuel source for large storms to grow and cause potential destruction to its residents and businesses. With the continuing threat of climate change only increasing and trending towards the worst, these storms seem to have only become more and more common. Floridian’s must prepare for this increased storm activity. Our team is ready with the knowledge and wherewithal to not only prepare you for these storms, but to also deal with them when they do arrive, so your business, your home, and your life can rebuild quickly once they have passed.

Because these kinds of structural issues need an immediate finding, call Florida Engineering Solutions. We can give you an honest assessment of the damage a storm has caused to your home or building. From water, flooding, or winds, the structural integrity of your building may depend on contacting a reliable and expert source.


Structural Home Inspection

Given its location in an erosion-heavy area, structural home inspections are as necessary as inspecting your roof for leaks or your air conditioning for effectiveness. You would never think about living in a home without a functioning roof on a rainy day or a home without working air conditioning on a hot day, so why consider any home with potential structural risks. Without these assurances, why would you even think about buying the house? If it is not comfortable and safe, it is not worth it. With a home purchase being the largest financial transaction most Americans will experience during their life, they need to know what they are buying and what they are investing in. This includes understanding the strengths and weaknesses of any property and the risks with the location. Our team is here to help you identify these risks. Our structural home inspection team will provide you with an assessment telling you where the risks are today and in the future. We will also investigate the area’s geography, so you understand where your home sits among risky areas and neighboring properties. These conclusions will allow you and your family to rest easy that no sudden surprises will wreak havoc on your lives.

Vehicle Damage

Car accidents happen. We have all been there. They are painful, scary, and difficult to deal with. Even with minor accidents, the process is lengthy and stressful. You need to trade information with the other auto owner, wait for the police to arrive, wait for the tow truck, arrange a ride home, and on and on. It does not end there. After that, you need to go through a seemingly endless number of phone calls and hours with the insurance company, their assessor, the other owner’s insurance company.  


Insurance assessors seem to take their time, customer service is slow, and the overall process is miserable. With our team, those issues are a thing of the past. We are here to help you safely and promptly. Our team will make sure you and your family are in a safe place, and then we will begin processing your claim immediately and ensure you have a vehicle to drive and your life is not interrupted. After you are home safe and sound, we will not drag out the process. We know you need your car back in functioning order and will do everything possible to expedite this process for you.


Call us to discuss your project: 352-588-5311. Our team is available and waiting for your call.

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