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South Carolina

Florida Engineering in South Carolina 

Florida Engineering Solutions is proud to serve eight Southeastern U.S. states, including South Carolina. From Charleston to Jekyll Island, our clients are valuable to us. That’s why we promise quick, efficient, and professional work in a variety of areas you can’t get from other engineers and home inspectors. We’ve highlighted some of our most used services for prospective South Carolina clients.

Professional Home Design

As the American economy recovers, more people are considering home ownership. Many of these potential homeowners would like to design and build their own dwellings so they can customize features and live with exactly what they need. Yet in competing services, home design can be unattainably expensive. With our team, this is not the case. A consultation with us covers everything from exterior layout to the design of each interior room. We recommend durable, quality materials from some of the best suppliers on the market. If your existing home has problems – a cracked or crooked foundation, uneven concrete, and so forth – we will repair them at reasonable rates.

Storm Damage

South Carolina isn’t a part of Tornado Alley, nor is it as vulnerable to hurricanes as Florida or Louisiana. Having said that, storms are still quite common and can cost thousands or more to recover from. South Carolina is particularly at risk for tropical depressions, tropical storms and cyclones, and high winds. Those in coastal locations are likely to experience heavy water damage from severe storms. This can result in lost property, depreciated home values, and health concerns from mold and other fungi.

Water damage increases your risk of airborne and mosquito-borne illnesses, too, since mosquitoes are attracted to the stagnant water often found after floods. After a storm, we will inspect your home for superficial and heavy damage and provide a detailed report. We can help you recover or replace property and apprise you of pressing health risks.

Fire Damage

House fires are one of the most catastrophic disasters out there, and they’re often the hardest to prepare for. The most careful homeowner might experience a house or vehicle fire at some point, especially if his or her home is older. We regularly help clients recover from fires, disposing of hazardous waste such as melted objects or flammable debris. We check for smoke damage and ensure your air quality is tested, protecting you from smoke and noxious gases. Our reports will educate you on present fire risks and flammable substances. If you need help deciphering permits and fire codes, you can count on our assistance. We’ll also provide detailed drawings of how our engineers plan to complete repairs.

Safe Rooms

Competing engineering companies might build you a safe room designed to protect you from weather or intruders. Our company is unique because our team designs safe rooms that do both. These safe rooms can be installed anywhere in or outside your home, serving as a combination “panic room” and storm cellar. We can design a customized room unique to your area’s weather concerns and add special features to protect from intruders. Our safe rooms can hold anywhere from 3 to 200 people and include both family-style and corporate models.

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