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Florida Engineering in Louisiana 

Although Florida Engineering Solutions is based in Florida, our team is pleased to serve the entire Southeastern U.S. This includes Louisiana, where our engineering services can be in demand for many reasons. If you haven’t heard of or used our services yet, we’d like to introduce you to them today. You’ll find our team is versatile and dedicated to thorough, efficient work.

Water and Storm Damage

After the devastating results of Hurricane Katrina, many Louisiana residents were anxious to prepare more adequately for other storms. Residents in New Orleans especially had reason to worry. Our team wants to alleviate those worries. We can inspect your home any time before or during hurricane season and give you a thorough recommendations report. We often recommend steps including:

  • Full bracing and material inspection of walls, doors, and foundations.
  • Impact-resistant or shatter-proof glass for doors and windows.
  • Quality sealants, especially for attics and basements, to reduce water damage.
  • Regular electricity inspections.

If your home has already sustained storm damage, do not despair. Our inspections cover everything from the most minor damages to catastrophic storm results. We will help repair and replace any damaged or destroyed property. Our forensic techniques assist homeowners in determining present health hazards. If we discover toxic mold, allergens, or extensive water damage, we will help you determine where to stay during repairs. We will ensure you can return to retrieve valuables and rebuild as soon as possible.

Fire Damage

A house or vehicle fire may not catch the National Weather Service’s attention, but these can be devastating. In fact, thousands of people die in these fires each year. While we can’t bring back loved ones or pets, we can inspect and repair your home. Our team works to clear smoke and dangerous gases from the air so your respiratory systems and organs won’t be compromised. We dispose of melted or scorched objects safely and perform quality cleanups of the flooding caused by firefighting.

Safe Rooms

Your family needs a safe place to retreat when necessary, whether the disaster at hand is natural or man-made. Louisiana has the fourth-highest crime rate in the U.S., with Alexandria holding the highest state rate. Other highly unsafe areas include Lake Charles and Houma. If you live in any of these areas or simply want to add protection to your home, use one of our safe rooms. These are designed to withstand severe weather but also block intruders. Our safe rooms can be placed in your basement, attic, or any location within the main home.

Dream Home Design

Everyone deserves to live in a comfortable home surrounded by the people who love them and the possessions they treasure. After Hurricane Katrina, many Louisiana residents may still feel displaced even after returning to a house. If this describes you, you can benefit from our 3D home design. In fact, clients from all walks of life can benefit. Our home designs cover everything from your rooms’ layout to landscaping. We will make sure your home is built with the safest and most durable materials available and reinforce structural trouble spots in existing homes.

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