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About Florida Engineering Solutions

At Florida Engineering Solutions, our engineering team excels in structural engineering for residential and business applications. In addition to design services, we provide clients with damage assessment services, customized repair plans, and ongoing consultation. We work with a variety of commercial and private architects, contractors, and other industry professionals to create safe, durable, and innovative solutions.

Residential Services

3d-home-designIf you’re building a new home or adding on to existing construction, we listen to your needs to build a home that fits your budget and your idea for the perfect house. In addition to design plans, we also offer assessments and ongoing consultation during the building process so you can have confidence in the safety and structural integrity of your home.

  • 3D rendering. If you’re remodeling a room in your home or designing and entire new house from scratch, we can provide 3D rendering for your design plans. 3D rendering lets you, your home designers, and your contractors stay on the same page. We work with you to create a beautiful 3D rendering of your design idea so you can see how your home fits into the landscape, inside and out.
  • Safe Rooms. We also provide custom safe room design. Homeowners in areas of the southeast and Midwest should protect their families from life threatening tornadoes and hurricanes. Our safe rooms can be custom built to fit into your home, so whether you want to build a designated room in your basement or to reinforce a bathroom or closet, we can design to suit. Safe rooms not only offer protection from the elements and intruders, but they increase the value of your home.

Commercial Services

noise-mitigation-solutionsWe also offer a variety of commercial design services from the ground up. If you’re starting new construction and require expertly designed foundations that stand up to the test of time, that’s just one of our many areas of expertise. We also provide:

  • Noise Mitigation Solutions – In areas at a sound level of 65dB or above, people are exposed to long-term health problems. Building sites near major highways, airports, and railroads bear the brunt of heavy noise pollution. Our noise mitigation designs use a variety of noise dampening strategies to create conducive, comfortable working environments.
  • Safe Rooms – Public safe rooms have to be large enough to provide protection for up to 200 people in severe weather like hurricanes and tornadoes. Our custom safe room plans can be built into existing structures or as part of new construction.
  • Radiation Shielding – Health care facilities and other commercial industries that work with dangerous radiation require protection against harmful X-rays and gamma rays. We create radiation shield plans to protect patients, employees, and whoever else may be exposed to radiation.

In addition to design plans, we offer building and damage assessment and customized repair plans that restore safety and get your building back into shape. At Florida Engineering Solutions, we believe your building is more than just four walls, a roof, and a floor. We take the time to listen to your needs and create plans that fit within your ideas and budget. Our experienced engineers value the notion of hard work, honesty, and ethics. We are proud to offer our services in Florida and throughout the southeast. Our teams provide cost-effective services with quick turnaround times and high-quality results. We make your safety and comfort our job.

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer to residential and commercial customers, contact us today. We would love to find out what we can do for you.

(352) 588-5311