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Florida Engineering Solutions in Florida

Although Florida Engineering Solutions serves the greater Southeast region, the people of our home state of Florida are one of our biggest priorities. Our highly trained and licensed professionals have years of experience with some of the major issues that come with living in Florida. Thus, we are eager to help you with any state-specific or home-specific issues, including sinkholes, weather-related damage, and fire damage. We can also help you build safe rooms to protect against intruders and natural disaster damage.

What Is a Sinkhole and Why Do They Happen?

If you’re new to Florida and have never experienced a sinkhole, you may be wondering what they are and why you need protection from them. Sinkholes are sunken areas in which waste or drainage collect and are formed when water wears bedrock down, pushing surface water underground. The voids in sinkholes collapse when they can no longer support what’s above them, whether that’s a home, a business, or people walking across the depressions. News outlets report people can fall through sinkholes and die, and sinkholes have even swallowed up large chunks of high-traffic areas like Disney World.

Two thirds of Central Florida insurance claims arise from sinkholes, also known as Sinkhole Alley. This is because much of Florida’s rock is limestone, easily eaten away by water and waste. Sinkhole damage can total up to $1.4 billion in severe cases.

How Can We Help?

Florida Engineering Solutions’ team is determined to provide quality sinkhole cleanup at the lowest possible rates. We will fill your sinkhole with clean sand and use high-quality equipment to ensure it does not reopen. Our insurance covers sinkhole damage of all levels, so ask us about specifics. If you discover a sinkhole on your property, cordon it off immediately and keep children and pets away. Do not use it as a waste dump. If your home’s foundation starts to sag or collapse, get out right away – do not try to carry out valuables. We will make sure you don’t lose any more property than necessary. Call us as soon as you notice any sinkhole warning signs, including slight sagging.

Home Inspections

The team at Florida Engineering Solutions will inspect your home for sinkhole damage and any other structural issues. This includes foundation inspections, water and waste inspections, repairs of existing damage, and insect inspections. (We are not a pest control company; please contact pest control agencies post-inspection if we discover insect problems.) We can help you design new foundations when necessary, as well. Home inspections are crucial for any home, particularly one you want to sell or one that has been in foreclosure. In our experience, foreclosed homes are often neglected, leading to significant problems for potential buyers and costing sellers money they could have used to purchase a new home.

Wind and Storm Damage Assessment

Florida is known for its hurricanes and other natural disasters, such as severe thunderstorms and the occasional tornado. We will assess your home for storm and wind damage and assist in repairs. In the meantime, there are proactive measures you can take during storms, including:

  • Quality pre-storm inspection of foundations, floors, walls, doors, and other areas
  • Installation and reinforcement of impact-resistant glass
  • Installation and usage of dead bolts

Always have an engineer like the ones on our team complete pre- and post-storm home inspections. Other home inspectors can only assess what is visible to the naked eye, which may leave your home vulnerable. In contrast, our engineers use detailed assessments for the entire home, including difficult-to-inspect areas. We also use forensic assessments to apprise you of health and safety concerns in addition to aesthetic and building code concerns.

Fire Damage

Fire damage can be one of the most devastating things to happen in your home. Fires are also fairly common in Florida due to factors like heat and lightning damage, particularly for those near the ocean and other water sources. At Florida Engineering Solutions, we deal regularly with smoke damage and the water damage or flooding that can occur with firefighting efforts. We can help repair or replace melted objects and damaged foundations or walls. We will dispose of the waste safely to protect you and your family and can help you come up with new design ideas so you can rebuild a safer, better home.

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