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Residential Wind and Storm Damage

Damage to Your Home

Imagine waking up without a roof. Imagine then having nobody to help you, and those that are supposed to help you instead are your biggest challenge such as siding insurance claims and insurance adjusters. That is the reality for residents and property owners of the Southeast United States all the time and you are there is a time limit on preparation with every approaching storm season. Storms are a real threat where we live, and there are not enough people or organizations in place to truly help those in need. We pride ourselves as being one of the few that are there, year-round, to help our clients. Our clients are our family. We wouldn’t ignore a desperate call from our family, so why would we with our clients.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is considered to be June 1 through November 30 every year. During this time wind and hail damage are at their peak and this alone is six months or half the year. Dealing with insurance and having to replace the roof is a nightmare. Every year, one to two hurricanes and multiple tropical storms make landfall in this part of the country. There is a good reason for this. Florida and its surrounding states are strategically located as a prime pin on the map for storms. With frontage along the Gulf of Mexico’s warm waters and the Atlantic Ocean, the location is an ideal hotspot for storms to accumulate and prosper due to the geography and the warm climate.

Due to this climate and worsening global environmental conditions, half the year residents of the Southeast United States are at risk of a significant traumatic event that can change their lives within only a few days. Florida is the most hurricane-prone state in the country, with more than twice as many recorded hurricanes as the next most risky state. The next states on the list are all not coincidentally within a short drive of Florida – Texas, Louisiana, the Carolinas, Georgia, the list goes on.

Wind and Storm Damage

Dealing with Wind and Hail Damage

In our lifetime’s dozens of hurricanes and hundreds of tropical storms will come and go. Few will affect us directly, but those that do, we will not forget. When they affect us, we know it. For those with homes in the path of these storms they are often left homeless and desperate. For almost all Americans, an investment in a home is the largest financial investment they have and will ever have. We simply cannot afford to lose it. How can the average American pay for both a mortgage on a home, rebuilding a home, and housing elsewhere? The answer is they cannot. That is where we come in. Our custom solutions will help you prepare for the worst. Let us assess your home, your riskiness, and be a resource for you to call as these storms approach. You’ll know all the facts and all the risks at all times. In the event of a worst-case scenario, you will have been prepared and ready to take on the challenge of displacement and rebuilding, but you will not be left alone. We will be there for you through the entire process, start to finish.

Before the hurricane is even a thought, our process begins. We analyze your property, your coverages, your home, and your risk. Your policies will be custom made to your life, your property, and your risk level. In the event of a claim event, we’ll be quick to move to ensure you are in a safe, risk-free location. A roof needs to remain over your head. Once we have you safe and secure, our job to assess the damage begins. Often before the storm is even over, our team is mobilizing to start the process and hit the ground running so you can be back in a safe home before you know it. We’ll walk you through your options and the steps required to rebuild to not be left alone. Many insurance companies fight with you. We don’t do that. We walk the path with you to be sure you are happy and capable of recovering. Let us be a resource for you. We will treat you like family and fight for you to be sure your life sees as little interruption as possible.



(352) 588-5311