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Precast Wall Panels

What are Precast Wall Panels?

Precast wall panels are very useful for many construction projects. The panels are very versatile and are designed to suit needs across a wide range of projects. Wall panels can be applied to many features creating design elements and effects. Even better, perhaps, is the increased stability and strength they offer.

Precast wall panels may be used in configurations, such as window panels and column covers. The addition of precast materials to these particular types of designs endows them with a guaranteed durability and simple installation. Precast panels come in a variety of forms to suit particular needs, including insulated panels for increased protection against elemental factors. They can be used to create both non-structural and structural façades, meaning that the ceiling above the panel is able to be load-bearing due to the material’s inherent strength.

Precast wall panels are also an attractive solution to a project. They can be designed in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles to match the builder or designer’s vision. More than form, these precast panels are also highly functional and provide a durable construction element or accent to a project, lending an element of creativity to the project.

Part of the reason the panels are so durable is because they are created in a factory. The factory environment is highly controlled, producing superior results consistently. This production method also means that the pieces are able to sit waiting for deployment to their new site and do not need to be constructed within a particular timeline.

Benefits of Precast Wall Panels

The benefits of using precast wall panels as a feature are many and varied. For instance, precast panels offer improved stability to the structure in which they are featured. Precast concrete is extremely strong and durable, and featuring it endows the structure with these qualities as well. Moreover, the area in which the concrete is present is less likely to sustain damage.

Another great feature of this building material is the improved sound installation it provides. The material is added to a mold in the factory, and this can happen at any time during or prior to the construction process. Precast panels can sit waiting for installation for as long as the project requires, and when they are installed, they can be put in easily. Since they have been previously constructed, all that needs to happen on installation day is for the panels to be lifted into place and secured.

Durability and strength are important features in any building material, but some materials aren’t as sturdy as others. With precast panels, however, there is no question. The process by which the panels are constructed guarantees the durability and strength of the products. In an environmentally controlled setting, each panel is made by pouring concrete into a mold that meets the builder’s specifications.

It is then dried without danger of being affected by external factors, and cured on-site, giving it another layer of enhanced performance. The molds to craft these panels are varied, which means creating a piece that will match the exact criteria of each project can be done easily. With this process, design and integrity work together to build a strong and visually appealing structure.

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